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SIM Emerging Markets (SIM-EM)

SIM Emerging Markets is the principal business within the Sanlam Group whose main activity is to develop and manage investment management related business ventures in countries outside South Africa.

We primarily manage contractual savings (pension fund and life assets) in developing markets, together with other discretionary savings by individual consumers. We also offer complementary investment management services including setting up and managing private equity & property funds, corporate finance & advisory work, and employee benefits & risk products.

We currently offer investment management services in Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya and Zambia. Our services include the full suite of investment management capabilities. Leveraging off the resources of the Sanlam Group, our offices are managed by local staff with extensive investment management experience in domestic and global capital markets. A key part of our strategy is to raise funding from global and domestic capital markets and establish Pan African Property and Equity funds which can be leveraged with the domestic savings under our management to facilitate long term capital flows and investment opportunities in markets where we operate. Over time, this will play an important role in the development of domestic and regional capital markets as well as offer local clients easier ways of investing their savings.